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Mark Chipperfield - Journalist, Travel Writer and Beer Sleuth


I have been a journalist for 30 years. My work covers news reporting, celebrity profiles and feature stories. I have written about everything from natural disasters to asylum seekers, coups and honeymoon brewers in Japan.

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Surf’s Up

Behind the scenes at Grange SLSC.
Aspire magazine, January 2014

Baldrick Down Under

Sir Tony Robinson talks about history, geographic isolation and the lure of Penfolds Grange.
Barossa Living, Autumn 2013

Wolf Blass: The Legend At 78

He may no longer be at the helm of an empire, but Wolf Blass still has plenty to say about wine.
Barossa Living, Summer 2012/2013

A Most Unusual Legacy

Mark Chipperfield explores the story of Hermann Thumm, an eccentric winemaker and art collector.
Barossa Living, Winter 2013

Is this Australia’s Oldest Pub?

The Sydney Morning Herald, May 27, 2011

Confessions of a Serial Gatecrasher - Catch Me If You Can

Robbie Ward, serial gatecrasher extraordinaire, is racing up Bayswater Road, towards what he hopes will be the highlight of his frenetic, meticulously-planned Thursday night – a glitzy bikini parade, with free vodka martinis, at Hugo’s Lounge, Kings Cross. more...

Return of an Architectural Icon

The Sydney Morning Herald, May 28 2011