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Mark Chipperfield - Journalist, Travel Writer and Beer Sleuth

About me

British-born journalist Mark Chipperfield, 56, is the Daily Telegraph’s travel expert in Australia. As a former foreign correspondent for the same organization he has written about Australasia, the Pacific and South-East Asia for over 20 years, covering military coups, natural disasters, politics and the occasional shark attack. Mark is a regular contributor to The Sydney Morning Herald, Conde Nast Traveller, the Daily Express, Departures and a number of in-flight airline magazines. Mark was educated at Wellington School (Somerset) and attended the University of Western Australia before training as a journalist. His first adventure, at the age of 17, was as a deckhand on a German freighter from Auckland to Rotterdam. Mark has worked for major newspapers in London, Edinburgh, Hong Kong, Sydney and Melbourne. He was the foundation editor for the expedia online booking engine. In 2011 Mark launched Beer Airways, the first blog devoted entirely to travel and craft beer. He is a past president of the Foreign Correspondents’ Association (Australia & Pacific).